Just as the vast land carries the real world.

Hurricane Chain will carry 

the future digital world. 

Hurricane Ecology Four Major Plates

Hurricane Ecology is committed to building a bottom infrastructure and a diversified intelligent ecology with video data storage as the core and data processing and application development as the wings, which can support the future digital world.


Hurricane Storage


Hurricane Storage offers a unique solution for distributed video storage. Furthermore, the leading-edge double hashing combined with salting technology adopted by Hurricane Storage to ensure data security and read-write speed.

Hurricane Data Processing System


The edge computing and artificial intelligence technologies utilized by Hurricane Data Processing System have effectively improved data calculation and processing capabilities. Meanwhile, combining the hurricane economic model to optimize the data value. Thus, the data provider can enjoy the value return. 

Hurricane Public Blockchain


Hurricane Public BlockChain builds a one-stop DApp development solution, by which developers can use simplified tools and kits for diversified development on the blockchain applications. 

Hurricane Incubator


Hurricane provides a full set of incubation services for blockchain application, a one-stop all-round incubation service from technology development, token model design, to operational support, and so on. 

Features & Advantages

  • Leading video storage technolog:Hurricane against future mainstream video store content, storage presents unique solutions from four aspects, making hurricanes store video significantly enhance the performance of the storage.
  • Data storage, processing one-stop service:Different from other distributed storage projects, hurricane ecological processing mainly conducts data analysis and processing while optimizing distributed storage technology. Hurricane ecosystem not only store data and processing data, and realize the data value.
  • Distributed storage and double-bottom ecology of public chain:Most distributed storage projects rely on ethereum or other public chains to realize storage business,Hurricane ecology will have its own turing-complete public chain。Developers can deploy on hurricane ecological intelligence not only contracts, can also store data。



  • Hurricane ecological utilizes advanced technology in distributed storage, increased safety and accelerate the speed of reading and writing. 
  • Hurricane data processing system adopts edge computing and artificial intelligence technology to integrate and process data in distributed storage nodes, realizing the value discovery of data. 
  • Hurricane public chain will provide developers with a one-stop, high-performance DApps development platform, allowing developers to easily create their own applications.


●  Video storage technology:

     DDSN(Decentralized Delivery Streaming Network)

     Erasure coding

●  Video processing technology:

     Block chain timestamp, tamper proof and other technologies 

     are used to  prevent illegal copy of video content or hotlinking

     Use artificial intelligence to carry on value analysis to video content

●  Edge computation and edge storage:

     Improve video data processing efficiency

     Reduce playback and processing latency

●  Data security:

     Encryption zero knowledge proof

     Double hash encryption combined the technology of salt



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