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        Hurricane Chain is a double-underlayer intelligent ecosystem that provides a total solution for data storage and processing and offers Turing-complete one-stop application development services. Based on cutting-edge technologies such as edge computing and artificial intelligence, Hurricane Chain analyzes, and processes data on the basis of improving data storage services and discovers the value of data. Meanwhile, Hurricane Chain will build a Turing-complete underlying public blockchain to support the development of blockchain applications and give aid to ecological applications.

        Hurricane Chain is mainly made up of four parts: Hurricane Storage, Hurricane Data Processing System, Hurricane Public Blockchain, Hurricane Incubator. The cutting-edge technologies applied in distributed storage by Hurricane Chain increases security and speeds up reading and writing. Hurricane Data Processing System, which utilizes edge computing and artificial intelligence technology, has integrated data in the nodes of distributed storage and realized the discovery of data value. Hurricane Public Blockchain will provide developers with a one-stop, high-performance DApps development platform where developers can easily create their apps. For developers using Hurricane Public Blockchain and Hurricane Storage, Hurricane Chain will provide them with all-round incubation support to help the quality application projects grow.

        Adopting a unique double token design, Hurricane Chain has avoided the economic defects caused by the single token design of the traditional blockchain project, which brings a scientific basis for the prosper of the ecological economy.

        Based on the ambitious and precise strategic planning and strong project team, Hurricane Chain will build a full three-dimensional underlying Infrastructure in the field of distributed storage and data processing, carrying the upcoming vast and colorful digital world.

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